Windows System Control Center

24 Apr

Windows System Control Center (WSCC) is an organizational front end for the excellent utilities from Nirsoft and Sysinternals. Applications offered from theses two sites range from monitoring process activity, and secure disk clean up to viewing the cache of a web browser, and password recovery. Although the WSCC was a nice front end previously for users unfamiliar with all the utilities, and there function, it wasn’t necessarily needed for an advanced user who knew what each of the utilities did. Yesterday, WSCC released version 1.6 of the front end, and added an update process which with one click updates all of the utilities from both sites. Since WSCC is a portable app, this makes keeping your thumb drive updated with the latest utilities a simple process. Manually update on a regular basis can be a time consuming process, and something that just doesn’t get done. The update feature alone makes WSCC an app which even advanced users might check out at this point as it now provides time savings. And isn’t that what technology is supposed to provide after all. I had been using Ketarin previously to maintain updated copies, but it required extraction, and transferring files after downloading. WSCC’s new update process definitely streamlines the process.

Go check it out here. It is free for personal, and commercial use.


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